White Pearl Resorts

Africa is becoming home to some of the worlds most high class and sought after resorts. With its’ pristine beaches, and secluded getaways this area of the world is fast opening up and become a destination hotspot. Perhaps no other resort in Africa embodies this as much as The White Pearl Resort. The White Pearl Resort is in a league of its own in not only accommodations, but also in world class scenery.
Your adventure starts in one of two ways as you embark on an experience you will never forget. With both private planes and ferries leaving every day you have your choice in how you wish to arrive. Located in one of the worlds richest and diversified oceans, The White Pearl Resort accommodation is home to some of the worlds highest level diving sites.

Along with world class diving, an entire host of other water based activities can be found here, not limited to but including scuba diving, off-shore snorkeling, unbeatable swimming sites, untouched beaches, and even interaction with local animals and dolphins. Also highly acclaimed is the local cuisine. With the bountiful ocean right next door it is of no surprise to find some of the worlds freshest and tastiest seafood everywhere you look.
The White Pearl Resort is perfectly situated to make the ideal getaway for not only families and couples, but for the individual traveler as well. The on-site staff, world class accommodations, and splendid amenities have earned praise from all over the world. With unique and exquisitely crafted rooms, pristine and untouched grounds, private resort pools, breath taking views of the surrounding ocean, there is something for everyone to love and enjoy at The White Pearl Resort. With mountains of fresh seafood, local cuisine, and top notch activities you will never want for more at The White Pearl Resort.

Barra Lodge

The world class beach resort, Barra Lodge, is a staple for any Mozambique getaway or adventure. Located on the lush eastern coast of continental Africa, the Barra Lodge is surrounded by a wide variety of ocean based activites, beautiful and pristine beaches, vibrant fields for a host of sporting activites, and an active marina that boasts dozens of family friendly tours and adventures.

At Barra Lodge there is never a shortage of things for you and your family to experience.
Located within the resort is a hidden world of its own. With a certified dive exhibition zone, a highly acclaimed beach side bar, a venue for live and local music, as well as a unique and secluded beach side area for relaxation. But the hospitality of Barra Lodge does not stop there, with luxurious accommodations you’ll never want for more. From custom built local cottages, to traditional houses designed in the local fashion, whatever it is you seek, Barra Lodge will have it waiting for you.

With a convenient and secluded location just 30km from the heart of the city, you can find peace and tranquility from the hustle of every day life, all with modern convenience. The resort prides itself in being a favoured location for family’s and small groups, offering all the amenities you’ve come to love, in a unique setting. With nearby spas, local fishing expeditions, competetive spots fields, and day long boat charters, there is something for every member of the family to enjoy at the Barra Lodge.

With warm weather throughout the entire year Barra Lodge accommodation is always vibrant and inviting. Accommodation for the entire family, activites for everyone to enjoy, all in a traditional setting. Move away from the hectic pace of the city and treat yourself to a getaway you and your family will never forget.